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Stock Information

Unit Price
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Highest closing price S$2.68 S$3.42 S$2.13 S$1.26 S$1.43 S$1.45 S$1.30 S$1.61 S$1.31 S$1.25 S$1.14 S$1.27
Lowest closing price S$1.26 S$2.08 S$0.57 S$0.485 S$1.05 S$0.81 S$0.84 S$1.16 S$1.11 S$0.92 S$0.86 S$1.17
Average closing price S$1.75 S$2.78 S$1.27 S$0.8992 S$1.20 S$1.20 S$1.06 S$1.31 S$1.21 S$1.10 S$1.03 S$1.21
Closing price on last market trading day S$2.50 S$2.13 S$0.70 S$1.10 S$1.41 S$0.83 S$1.30 S$1.19 S$1.22 S$0.93 S$1.02 S$1.26
Trading volume (million units) 100.6 104.4 120.8 176.3 187.4 193.7 277.9 1,658.0 1,179.9 1,210.5 976.3 1300.9

* Keppel REIT commenced trading on 28 April 2006

Real-time Prices and Stock Chart

Keppel REIT
Bloomberg KREIT SP
ISIN SG1T22929874
Reuters KASA.SI
Sedol B12RQH4
Ticker K71U.SG

The above information is obtained from third party sources. While there is no reason to believe that the information is unreliable, no liability is accepted for inaccuracies.