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People Development

At Keppel REIT, employees are developed to their fullest potential and are presented with opportunities for professional growth.

The Manager is committed to nurture a motivated, skilled and competent workforce. Employees are developed to their fullest potential and are encouraged to harness innovation in their personal and professional growth

The Manager actively engages its employees through various platforms including annual surveys. Such surveys are useful for measuring employee engagement. Employees are encouraged to give regular and honest feedback to build a more positive and healthy work environment.

Employee engagement, as well as regular training and development are imperative to achieving operational efficiency, and ultimately create value for the Manager's stakeholders. The Manager is committed to retain and develop its talent pool, and strives to remain an employer of choice.

Profile of Board of Directors
The Manager has a total of ten Directors who contribute experience, knowledge and core competencies such as accounting or finance, business or management experience, industry knowledge, strategic planning experience and customer-based experience or knowledge.

Each year, the Nominating and Remuneration Committee reviews the balance and diversity of skills, experience, gender and knowledge required by the Board that facilitate decision-making.

Further information of the Board of Directors is disclosed in the Corporate Governance section of this Sustainability Report.

Profile of Employees
The Manager's workforce as at end-2016 comprises a total of 39 staff. This includes 37 full-time employees and two full-time contract staff. All employees are based in Singapore.

Employees of the Manager enjoy benefits which include medical, insurance and leave entitlements.

Of the full-time employees, 31 are executives and six are non-executives. In 2016, two full-time employees who took parental leave returned to work after leave.

In 2016, the Manager recruited a total seven employees, including one male and six females. In the same period, six male and four female employees left the Manager.

Of the seven new hires, four were below 30 years old, while three were 30 years old and above. Of the employees who left, one was below 30 years old, while the others were 30 years old and above.

Policy of Non-discrimination
In support of human rights principles, the Manager adheres to fair employment practices and provides equal opportunities with regards to recruitment and career development of its employees. The Manager adopts merit-based recruitment practices, and places emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness.

Similarly, all employees have opportunities for advancement such as recognition of achievements, promotions, compensation and training. In 2016, 79% of the workforce were females, of which 74% were executives.

The Manager demonstrates its commitment to non-discrimination and equal opportunities. It supports the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) and strives to uphold the principles articulated in its Employer's Pledge of Fair Employment Practices, which are guided by the following five principles:

  1. Recruit and select employees on the basis of merit;
  2. Treat employees fairly and with respect and implement progressive HR management systems;
  3. Provide employees with equal opportunity to be considered for training and development;
  4. Reward employees fairly; and
  5. Abide by labour laws and adopt Tripartite Guidelines which promote fair employment practices.
In 2016, there were no reported incidences of discrimination raised by the Manager's employees. None of the Manager's employees are covered under any collective bargaining agreements.

Training & Development
The Manager provides training and development programmes to nurture employees. In 2016, the average training hours per full-time employee was 44.2 hours.

Employees of the Finance team also participated in a workshop as part of the Finance Management Development Programme Learning Series in March 2016. About 100 employees from across the Keppel Group attended the session which focused on understanding REITs, business trusts, their tax and regulatory frameworks, as well as their relevance to the Group's asset management business.

During the year, a training session on anti-corruption was organised for employees to reinforce the Manager's stance against corruption.

In August 2016, the Manager participated in Keppel Capital's inaugural staff day, which brought together approximately 130 employees from the four asset managers. The session allowed employees to tap the expertise of the managers' various verticals, harness and leverage their collective strength as OneKeppel.

Performance Management
The Manager conducts annual performance reviews for all employees. The process, undertaken jointly by the employee and supervisor, entails the setting of targets and a career developmental roadmap detailing work plans, training and measurable performance targets.

In building a pipeline of future leaders, there are Group-level programmes to identify and develop high potential employees. Three of the Manager's employees were selected for the Keppel Young Leadership Programme, a seedbed to nurture high-potential employees across the Keppel Group. The selected employees were provided with rich exposure and learning experiences, as well as many opportunities to interact with one another, cultivating global mindsets, innovative thinking and honing entrepreneurial skills.

Employee Engagement
The Manager continually engages its employees to better understand their needs and expectations. Two-way feedback between employer and employee is highly encouraged. Keppel REIT participated in the Keppel Group 2016 Employee Engagement Survey that measured employee satisfaction.

Employees of the Manager also participated in Keppel Land's Annual Staff Conference (ASC) in 2016, during which plenary sessions and workshops were held. During the ASC, teams also took part in the Work of a Winner competition which encourages the sharing of best work practices.

Core Values
Employees took part in the 'Values-In-Action' programme, which helps deepen their understanding of the Group's core values. The programme is part of the orientation activities for all new hires.

Employees of the Manager also take part in the Keppel Games, an annual sporting competition organised to promote wellness and team spirit.