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Safety & Health

All of Keppel’s stakeholders are encouraged to embrace safety as a personal and collective responsibility.

The Manager advocates a strong safety culture and strives to achieve a zero-harm workplace. It encourages its employees and tenants to embrace safety as a personal and collective responsibility.

Safety is a Keppel core value. As a member of the Keppel Group, Keppel REIT is guided by the Keppel Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) 2018 Strategy, which aims to promote good management and ownership of safety.

In keeping with its commitment towards operational and safety excellence, the Management Safety Committee meets representatives from the WSH unit and property management teams to review safety practices and resolve safety-related matters bi-monthly.

All of Keppel REIT's properties in Singapore and Australia are audited annually to ensure compliance with high safety standards. Gaps are identified and addressed, with mitigating actions taken to prevent recurrence.

In Singapore, the buildings adhere to the guidelines set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS) 18001 standard. An internationallyrecognised standard, OHSAS 18001 provides guidelines to organisations in managing, controlling and improving their occupational health and safety performance.

In recognition of its excellent health and safety performance, Marina Bay Financial Centre and One Raffles Quay were conferred the WSH Performance Awards, under the Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects category, at the national WSH Awards held in July 2015.

Meanwhile, Keppel REIT Property Management Pte Ltd was certified bizSAFE Star and bizSAFE Partner in March 2015. As part of the bizSAFE programme, the certification aims to help companies build up their WSH capabilities. The bizSAFE Star is awarded to organisations with the highest level of safety and health standards, while the bizSAFE Partner award recognises companies that support and work with suppliers to improve their safety and health performance.

To inculcate a strong safety mindset among its employees, all new staff undergo a safety initiation course as part of their orientation programme. Employees also receive regular updates on safety-related matters such as policies, action plans and accident/incident reporting procedures.

Recognising that safety is a continuous and shared journey which requires collaboration from all stakeholders, the Keppel Group has put in place various platforms to facilitate the learning and sharing of best practices, knowledge and experiences among employees, contractors and partners. These platforms include the annual Keppel Group Safety Convention, the quarterly HSE Matters publication and an e-safety portal which facilitates the sharing of safety-related information.

As part of crisis preparedness, the Manager conducts regular fire and evacuation drills at its properties in Singapore. This ensures that all operational staff and building tenants are familiar with the building’s emergency evacuation procedures.

The Manager also tests the robustness of its business continuity plans regularly.

These include pandemic simulation and bomb threat exercises, as well as chemical spillage and power outage drills. In 2015, a total of 37 drills were conducted across all the Singapore properties.

The Manager also has in place a Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) at its Singapore properties. The CERT will manage and control an emergency situation before it escalates into a disaster. CERT members undergo regular training to ensure emergency preparedness.

Exhibitions are also held at Keppel REIT's properties to promote safety awareness at the workplace and at home.

In Australia, evacuation drills are conducted once every year. All tenant evacuation warden representatives undergo biannual training sessions by accredited trainers. Under the local and state regulations, all completed buildings undergo regular occupational safety and health audits.

Safety is an integral aspect of Keppel REIT's business operations and the Manager will continue to engage and communicate with all its stakeholders regularly to foster a safety mindset and uphold strong WSH standards.

Stakeholders are encouraged to be more safety conscious and take necessary precautions to protect themselves as well as those around them from harm.

The Manager carries out regular reviews and evaluations of its operations and processes, as well as conducts annual audits of its properties to ensure compliance with the legislative requirements and create a safer and more conducive work environment. Meaningful and measurable targets are set to control, manage and mitigate safety and health risks.