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Strategic Direction

Keppel REIT aims to be a successful commercial real estate investment trust with a sterling portfolio of assets in Singapore and key cities pan-Asia.

The Manager will drive excellence by:

Maximising Performance

  • Maximising asset performance and managing costs to achieve operational efficiency
  • Executing proactive marketing and leasing strategies to attract and retain a well-diversified tenant base from various business sectors
  • Maintaining a well-staggered lease expiry profile
  • Delivering quality property and customer services to tenants
  • Seeking additional income opportunities

Enhancing Assets

  • Strengthening asset management expertise and capabilities
  • Maintaining a portfolio of quality office spaces that meets tenants' changing business needs through value creation and enhancement initiatives, where relevant
  • Leveraging technology to enhance and improve operations
  • Ensuring the safety and security of all building occupants
  • Implementing environmentally sustainable features and initiatives, where feasible

Achieving Capital Efficiency

  • Maintaining a prudent and disciplined capital management approach
  • Optimising capital structure and exploring alternative funding sources
  • Extending the debt maturity profile to mitigate refinancing risks
  • Limiting exposure to fluctuations in interest and foreign exchange rates
  • Negotiating favourable credit facilities for ongoing operational needs

Acquiring Quality Assets

  • Selecting strategic acquisitions that are aligned with the REIT's investment mandate
  • Conducting thorough feasibility studies and comprehensive due diligence on potential Acquisitions
  • Structuring investments to optimise tax efficiency and allow for repatriation of income from overseas assets
  • Evaluating performance of the properties and recycling of capital, where appropriate, to optimise portfolio

Nurturing Talent

  • Developing a motivated and competent team to drive growth
  • Investing in training and development to raise the competency levels of its employees
  • Adopting best-in-class management practices to retain talent
  • Leveraging technology to raise productivity and enhance workflow efficiencies
  • Promoting wellness to foster a healthy workforce